Hi Uncut family! We’ve gotten so many awesome emails with excited questions about where the heck we are with Empire Uncut. We desperately owe you an update!

Where have you been? What’s happening??

I had to take a break to work on my other passion that I started a couple years ago: VHX. VHX is growing and it’s very exciting, but I’ve been neglecting Uncut and its fans. I miss you guys. 

We also had so many submissions for Empire Uncut: 1,569 to be exact. That’s almost twice as many as A New Hope Uncut. That’s over 6.5 hours of video created in just a few months. Crazy!

In order to make a final cut of the movie we wanted to make sure that we watched every. single. submission. Instead of having just one person pick their favorite, we decided to pull together 20+ judges who come from all sorts of mixed media backgrounds to help vote for the scenes. The votes have been cast and now we’re editing.

But when is it all gonna be ready?

We’re hoping it will be all ready by the end of the summer. We will be sprinkling in teaser stuff over the course of the next few months. We all know how auspicious May is for Star Wars fans…

What about the scenes that didn’t make the cut?

This part puts tears in our eyes. Every submission is brimming with creativity, humor, and love. We thought long and hard and finally came up with an idea for this iteration of Uncut that we think will be an amazing way to highlight all the submissions. The idea is still being fully formed, but we’ll talk more about it in the following weeks. We are so excited to continue to make Star Wars Uncut even more interactive and fan-driven. 

Thank you again for all of your patience! Get excited! And get in touch if you have more questions! 

In dog Wookiees we trust,
Casey & the Uncut team

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This is it. This is the fucking piece. THIS IS THE ARTWORK I WANT AS MY SLEEVE.

or at least something similar.

nice, thanks, be sure to post photos if you do!

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My hero, Dr. Buzz Aldrin wearing my shirt! :D

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Why so Syrio?

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